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HailTrip is a renowned brand in the bus operating industry. Our vision is to give a new face to the bus indust... Read More

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We’re here so you can travel with maximum safety, comfort and ease!

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We work with a professional cleaning agency to disinfect and sanitize our buses before each trip


We understand how precious your time is, and we intend to keep it that way


Our fleet comprises of the best vehicles so you can have a relaxing and comfortable ride


Drivers are thoroughly screened before every trip.

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Our Support Squad is always available for your needs through the course of your journey

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HailTrip customers know best and we couldn’t agree more!

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Our Story

HailTrip was founded with a very simple vision in mind. We wanted to challenge and change this conventional train of thought on bus travel in India:
You have to choose between affordability, convenience, safety and luxury
What if we told you that you shouldn’t have to make those sacrifices anymore?
With best in-class amenities, professional crew, safe and hygienic vehicles – HailTrip is here to disrupt and raise the bar for inter-city bus travel.

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Customer Care : 8929959831  For bookings and offers: 7428896526
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